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Resume renewed 18 February 2022

Worker on a dairy farm / farm in Zurich

I am looking for a job in Zurich, SFr. 3,000, full time
Volenskiy Viacheslav 42 years old, Moscow, Russia, higher education

Work experience

Livestock specialist, Veterinarian
7 years Sep 2012 - Sep 2019
Farmer (private enterprise) livestock: cows 83 heads, goats 34 heads, sheep 52 heads; pigs 21 heads, turkeys 57 heads, Volgograd
7 years Sep 2012 - Sep 2019
• feeding, watering and cleaning of animals;
• milking of cows by Milking machine Melasty
• formation of groups of young animals, homogeneous in weight and age;
• raising young animals and caring for cows in the maternity ward;
• milking of freshly calved cows 4-5 times a day;
• caring for sires;
• preparation of diets;
• preparation and supply of milk to calves;
• transporting feed to the premises in sections and distributing it to the feeders;
• room climate control;
• manure management, transportation and distribution of fodder.
• accounting and control of the specified microclimate in the premises;
• management of veterinary and sanitary treatment of livestock: routine vaccinations, blood sampling for brucellosis, treatment of livestock from subcutaneous gadfly;
• obstetrics.
Achievements: during the work, the number of livestock increased, mortality decreased, milk yield increased.
Staff - 52 people
Functional subordination: Farmer
Livestock specialist, Veterinarian
5 years 10 mo. Oct 2006 - Aug 2012
Dairy farm "Ozernoe" livestock 2500 cows, Volgograd
5 years 10 mo. Oct 2006 - Aug 2012
• taking care of dairy and dry cows on the farm;
• increasing the output of calves and improving their safety, feeding livestock with nutritionally balanced feed;
• feeding, watering, cleaning of animals;
• driving cows from sections to the milking machine in summer;
• control over the correct placement of cows in sections;
• detection of estrus in animals;
• identification and sorting of sick cows for further treatment;
• fattening cattle on feedlots;
• participation in artificial insemination;
• management of veterinary treatment of animals (vaccination, routine vaccinations), monitoring of pregnant cows;
• organization of exercise and grazing of animals depending on the season;
Achievements: increase in the productivity of cows in terms of milk yield
Staff - 287 people
Functional subordination: Chief zootechnician
Livestock specialist, Veterinarian
4 years 3 mo. Jun 2002 - Sep 2006
Breeding farm "Luch" livestock of 3000 cows, Volgograd
4 years 3 mo. Jun 2002 - Sep 2006
• feeding, keeping animals, (monitoring compliance with the microclimate in the premises: temperature, humidity);
• drawing up diets according to the nutritional value of feed;
• work with heifers;
• work with young animals of the first days of life, feeding, watering, care, prevention of mortality;
• care of fresh cows, milking 4-5 times a day, postnatal control;
• maintaining the movement of livestock on personal cards (zootechnical accounting);
• fodder storage (hay, straw, silage, haylage, concentrates, purchase of microelements);
• management of veterinary and sanitary treatment of livestock (seasonal vaccinations and vaccination, blood sampling);
• ensuring and observing the rules of safety and labor protection;
• participation in artificial insemination.
Achievements: increase in the number of young animals
Staff - 325 people
Functional subordination: Chief zootechnician

Higher education

Volgograd State Agricultural Academy, Volgograd
4 years 10 mo. Aug 1997 - Jun 2002
Krasnoslobodsk school PU-42 , Volgograd
Veterinary paramedic
2 years 10 mo. Aug 1994 - Jun 1997



Additional information

Additional information: after graduating from a higher school, I immediately began to work by profession, I have a large experience in working with animals and birds: (cows, sheep, goats, pigs, horses, turkeys, geese, ducks). My work brings me satisfaction and joy ... even in those early years, when my grandmother taught me to work and took me to the farm, from an early age I gained love and communication with animals, and the thought that you are taking part in creating a new life seems to me exciting. Somehow by itself it turns out to contribute and benefit the (organization / farm) probably, because what I touch, I care! Over time, the motto that accompanies life has crystallized: “I improve the world around me while benefiting others.”

The job may be in different parts of Switzerland, for example, in St. Gallen, Genève, or work closer to the Rhine River.

Languages: German - elementary level

Resume number: 406
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