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Mandarines Morket
Mandarines Morket
Mandarines Morket
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Mandarines Morket
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от 0.60 €/кг
Egyptian official-registraited company-exporter vegetables and fruits Sea Spirit offer contract of selling mandarins Morket, orange and lemon with the lowest price for the next season. The conditions of fruits, the way of the packing and all necessary documents follow European standards. We have
10 дек 2018
Fresh lemon fruits for sale
230 €/шт EXW
FRESH LEMON Lemons belong to the rue family (Rutaceae) and come originally from Asia. In addition, the lemon citrus fruit group is mainly cultivated in subtropical regions, but also includes oranges, grapefruits, mandarins, lindens and easypeelers. It is cultivated in a warm and deep soil
26 фев
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