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Apple wholesale Ukraine Яблока оптом Украина LLC Mitlife
Оптовая цена
0.36 - 0.68 €/кг FCA
LLC "Mitlife", a trading and manufacturing company. Our main goal: fruitful cooperation with the buyer with the most mutually beneficial price for everyone. Apples wholesale Ukraine We offer apple at a price of 3.6 euros: Grades: Gal, Gloucester, Pinova, Florina Golden, Champion, Jonagold Aidrad,
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Apples fresh
Apples fresh
Apples fresh
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Apples fresh
Оптовая цена
от 0.30 €/кг
We are gardening company. We grow and supply apples that meet modern quality standards. We are open for partnership with various groups of wholesale buyers. We build contractual relations and establish stable deliveries. We provide documents, packaging and export. Our apples have a number of
21 фев 2019
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