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SEO специалист в Берне

ищу работу в Берне
Sokolovskyi Andrii
Sokolovskyi Andrii 33 года, Берн, высшее образование

Опыт работы

SEO специалист
11 лет 10 мес Apr 2010 - Feb 2022, Kiev
11 лет 10 мес Apr 2010 - Feb 2022
I created this company and worked in this company before the war started in Ukraine. We had about 150 sites in promotion at month, 80% of them were from Ukraine and 20% from the world.
When the company worked there were 30 people.
But now I have a huge experience and a desire to work.
✅ Practical and successful experience in SEO and internet marketing.
We have extensive experience in SEO (both on-page and off-page).
✅ Types of projects: information, online stores, accouting, aggregators, portals.
Languages: russian, ukrainian, english.
Countries / Regions: USA, Europe (Poland, Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, Austria, etc ), Ukraine, Africa, Asia, etc.
✅ Themes: Sport goods, electronics, cups, flowers, pools, warm floor, hookahs, pharmaceuticals, gifts and portraits, intimate accouting, notary accouting, foreign language courses, veterinary clinic, education, work, travel agency, legal accouting, accounting accouting, auto / moto, events, trucking, sawing, demolition of houses, interior design of houses, apartments, technology, finance, tourism, insurance, security, booking, jewelry, etc.
✅ More than 40k reference base(from Ahrefs): Qualitative donors Europe to promote sites on various topics.
✅ More than 100,00 articles posted have been working on promoting our sites for more than 10 years.
Other Useful Skill(Important)
1. I can create a multi-account in Google, instagram, Etc. There are more than 2000 thousand.
2. I can create automatic ads/products on ad sites. (More than 200 bulletin boards.) Just add products/accouting daily to these sites.
3. I can parse anything. Example - All sites in the world of construction topics + phone + email, educational topics, whatever.
4. Clicking on competitors' ads in Google Ads.
5. Promotion of the petition on the website of Ukraine.
6. Creation of a bot for successful 100% automatic trading on the binance / poloniex exchanges. (But not more than $ 500-1000 per month) (buying at the bottom of the market and selling with a cheat).
7. Automation Email sending through free email boxes.
8. Automation of SMS distribution through free SMS accouting.
9. Parsing sites in Google search, collecting emails and phone numbers from any country.
10. Parsing Instagram by country (collection of phone numbers and data).
11. Automation of posting links on forums.
12. Setting up an automatic call bot to Ukraine and Kazakhstan.
13. Parsing Google maps (phones, websites, addresses).

Высшее образование

NTUU "Kiev Politechnical Institute", Kiev
Higher Mathematics
5 лет 3 мес Sep 2005 - Dec 2010

Знание языков

Русский - свободно, Украинский - свободно, Английский - продвинутый, Немецкий - базовый

Дополнительная информация

I wish to take a managerial position for 5 years in Seo / Marketing direction.

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