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Whey permeate powder

Whey permeate powder
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Минск, BY
на Флагма с 12 мая 2023
Каленчук Виталий


We offer Whey permeate powder is a cheaper alternative to whey, lactose and skimmed milk powder.
The scope of application is primarily the confectionery industry, as well as the dairy, meat, baking industries, and the production of sports nutrition.

Physical and chemical indicators:
1. Mass fraction of moisture,%, no more than 6.0
2. Mass fraction of fat,%, no more than 2.0
3. Mass fraction of protein,%, no more than 5.0
4. Mass fraction of lactose,%, not less than 65.0
5. Acidity of permeate, reduced to a mass fraction of dry substances of 6.0%, 0T, not more than 25.0
6. Solubility index, cm3 of wet sediment, not more than 0.2

Shelf life - 12 months. Storage temperature: from 0 0C to 20 0C and relative humidity no more than 80%.

Detailed information - on request.

Vitaly Kalenchuk (whatsapp, telegram, viber)

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Минск, BY
Работает на Флагма с 12 мая 2023
Каленчук Виталий
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