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Wholesale Supply Of pork Meat From Spain

Wholesale Supply Of pork Meat From Spain
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Добавлено: 15 октября 2023, 17:19 ID: 1614533
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Берлин, DE
на Флагма с 18 марта 2023


We produce and supply the best quality frozen pork and all the parts. we have the largest stocks and supply worldwide for the best market rates. do contact us, so we can give you our quote.  
why choose us?
• all grade a.  
• white skin
• no broken bones
• well washed, cleaned and fresh
• no bruises
• no black pads or ammonia burns
• no bad smells
• no excessive blood or blood stains
• moisture content is less than 3%
• healthy for human consumption
available now!
frozen pork half carcass
frozen pork leg bone-in, skin on
frozen pork leg bone-in skinless
frozen pork leg boneless skinless
frozen pork loin bone-in skinless
frozen pork loin boneless skinless
frozen pork shoulder boneless, skinless
frozen pork collar boneless, skinless
frozen pork loin boneless, skinless
frozen pork tenderloin
frozen pork belly sheet ribbed, skin on
frozen pork spareribs
frozen pork back fat
frozen pork cutting fat
frozen pork tenderloin
frozen pork hind feet
frozen pork ear flap
frozen pork kidneys
frozen pork jowl
frozen pork heart
frozen pork liver
frozen pork neck bones
frozen pork skin
frozen pork tongue
frozen pork throat
frozen pork snout
frozen pork leg
frozen temperature
blasted at: minus 40 degrees celsius
storage at: minus 20 degrees celsius
transportation temperature: -18°c
general packing details
1 poly bags of 10kg each = 10kg per carton
5kg ldpe poly bags = 20kg strong carton box with 4 straps outside

website :

whatsapp :

email :

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Берлин, DE
Работает на Флагма с 18 марта 2023
Litera Meat
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